Conception de produits spéciaux


Five sales engineers are at your service all over France to help you define your requirements. Collaborative designing makes it possible to fine-tune the requirements and also better understand your production environment and constraints.


Definition of need and preparation of user requirements
Approval of drawings by customer


Dans notre bureau d'études

5 designing technicians and a technical manager at your service.

  • Structure calculation and modelling using SolidWorks CAD software
  • Finite-element linear static study
  • Approval of 2D and 3D drawings
  • Complete drawing files and technical instructions

Our areas of competency:

  • Lifting equipment and accessories: clamps, spreaders, hooks, lifting tackle, turners, etc.
  • Workstation equipment: table, stand, bench, boom, travelling crane, etc.
  • Floor handling equipment: handling trucks, boards, trolleys, different types of stand.

The products are designed for compliance with standards. Each design is inspected, with computations to validate the requirements under the standards that need to be fulfilled, and industrial product optimisation.


French Fab -Groupe Kremer

100% of the 1,000 lifting and handling machines shipped out every year are made in our workshops. Different trades are involved in that process, including rope and cable makers, boiler workers, metal workers, machining and painting workers. We have secured the LaFrench Fab mark in recognition of our work.

Certification_ISO 9001-2008

Our manufacturing work imposes a stringent organisation and inspections. That is why we have opted to secure ISO 9001 2015 certification of our quality and continual improvement standards.


Our teams are mobile and can install and commission the different pieces of equipment and special workstations, booms and overhead handling systems.

Installation de postes de travail