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The KREMER group has decided to make its expertise available to customers by setting up an ONLINE SHOP (available since september 2021). In addition to conventional products, you will find a selection of products used in a variety of environments: steel making, nuclear power, railways, etc.

Sébastien Kremer can support you in your search and selection process: feel free to use the INDUSTRY CHAT feature to get in touch.

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Bureau d'études et ateliers

Based since 1973 in an industrial area with a proud history, our unit has preserved the art of cable braiding in addition to other know-how. The KREMER group is one of the last French manufacturers of endless cable-laid strop, used in particular by Spie, Ineo, Engie, Cegelec in smaller sizes, and by Framatome and EDF Nuclear in larger sizes. The stock of technical cable for travelling cranes, winches and hoists give it a central distribution position in the heart of France.

10 000 références en stock

It was set up in 1970 and has a significant stock of products. It is known for the quality of its preparations, repairs and manufacturing of slings made of chain, cable and textile.

The responsiveness, availability and skills of our employees make the agency one of the routine partners of the local agencies of major corporations like Eurovia, Eiffage and Suez, and a number of local companies.

Our partners

In order to better meet the requirements of our customers, who operate in all industries, our Technical Director SEBASTIEN KREMER has selected over 300 suppliers, mainly manufacturers, for their adaptability, the technical quality of their products, their quality processes and their particular expertise in lifting.